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How to Solve a Tree Problem with Your Neighbor

Aug 04, 2008 0 Comments

Do you have a neighbor whose tree is invading your yard? It’s a common problem, and an encroaching tree can lead to major disputes. Although you may be tempted to prune or remove a tree hanging over your property line, it’s always important to get your neighbor’s permission before taking any action. The experts at Giroud Tree & Lawn share tips on how to handle these tricky situations.


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Planning New Construction? Protect Your Trees!

Jul 28, 2008 0 Comments

If you are planning any kind of construction on your property, you need an Arborist Before Construction! Prized trees often decline and die within a few years after construction. Why? Soil compaction from heavy equipment; root damage from utility installation; and, changing the original grade are just some of the many abuses trees face during construction. (pictured right: Bark stripped from tree roots during construction has caused root damage and hazardous conditions)

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Are your trees healthy?

Jul 07, 2008 0 Comments

Many homeowners are worried about their trees. You may see bare branches, bald crowns, lots of deadwood and sparse or small leaves. The culprit is a ghost from the past. The impact of last year’s drought is glaringly apparent now.

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Top 5 Pests of the Season!

Jun 22, 2008 0 Comments

Here are Giroud's Top 5 Pests for Summer

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Summer Storms--Protect Your Trees

Jun 19, 2008 0 Comments

High winds and pounding rain are not a good combination for trees. Storms expose any weakness in a tree. Trees that haven’t been professionally pruned can catch the wind like a sail and topple. Cracks open wide to split trees. Dead limbs snap and weak roots give way.

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Originally published January 1, 1970, updated December 15, 2018

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